Ravings of a raconteur and randonneur


by JR on 27 Apr ’14, no comments

Everesting — invented in Melbourne. The activity of riding a bicycle up repeated ascents to achieve, in a single session, a combined climb equal or greater than the height of Mount Everest. Insane and fascinating at the same time.

Going Native

by JR on 26 Apr ’14, no comments

A few months ago, I went to a brewing seminar by Birra del Borgo. The unique thing about these guys was the emphasis they put on R&D (essentially, in biochemistry) to make their beer not only something special, but also, uniquely regional.

They cultivated native yeasts which were collected from under peach trees. There was a complexity and, still, a simplicity to making beer with native yeasts, which harks back to the first brews (and generally continued until only very recently).

It made me wonder about collecting and cultivating native Australian yeasts; and particularly how they would perform in the climate here. But then, it was a thought, and it drifted out of my head with a kind of transience that only the latest YouTube sensation can possess.

Imagine my surprise to find that my local brewery, Young Henry’s has produced a beer using native plums for TED Sydney (2014). While not exactly what I had in mind, it is along the same lines.

Oh, and it is totally drinkable.